Reza Kamjoofar

Reza Kamjoofar


My Story

My name is Reza and I’m originally from Iran. Leaving my country left me feeling really depressed but I realised I had to come back into the ring to fight so I made the decision to become an entrepreneur. Then I got connected to TERN which brought vital opportunities for me. I love hiking and the process of transforming an idea to reality was like going for an interesting hike along with my mentors and support team at TERN.

My Business

Our wooden air diffusers are made with 100% natural essential oils and are environmentally friendly, designed to be hung in the home or in a car. They are made locally in London by Breeze & Trees founder Reza, in his workshop in Mill Hill.

Breeze & Trees offer a range of high quality scents. Our products are designed to uplift your environment and neutralise any odours through the power of our essential oils, which slowly diffuse into the air via the product’s wooden cap and cotton string. Our products last for 7 weeks. All of our packaging is made from widely recycled materials.


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