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Ravi Rasaiah


My Story

I’m Ravi, the founder of PAYANAM. I’m a photographer and a designer from London. I have always enjoyed taking photos especially of things and places that remind me of the things and the places that I loved the most in the past and bring wonderful memories of my former country. I also participate in art groups and help refugee artists and young asylum seekers to learn about photography.

My Business

PAYANAM is a brand and a platform for refugee artists. Our brand gives us the opportunity to share our stories and support ourselves. We want to empower more refugees to share their stories in ways that can allow others to really feel them. We touch on universal themes of hope, humanity and new beginnings. Our products include apparel, art and accessories designed to make you look good, feel good and do good.

We create products that help share the journeys of refugees. All artworks are created by refugee artists – they are unique, and each one tells part of the artist’s story. Art therapy helps refugees to overcome personal trauma and barriers they have faced by supporting them in creating unique art.


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