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Oleksii & Oksana Chaiun


My Story

My name is Oksana and I came to the UK in May 2022 with my two children – eighteen month old Yeva and 14 year-old Artem – 3 months after the Russian invasion made it dangerous for us to stay. We were separated from my husband Oleksii for more than a year and a half. We had a dream to be reunited and to start a business together creating our own products – both to make our family and future secure and to support the Ukrainian local economy during this hard time.

Oleksii started working with a friend’s woodwork factory whilst he was still in Ukraine and showed me some oak homeware prototypes. Working on the product together kept us connected during our separation. In 2023 I visited Oleksii in Ukraine – I returned with some of our new nightlights and they sold out immediately. We decided to start working with TERN to develop our business and brand. Our hard work, expertise and talents came together to create ‘Light Craft Family’ – selling handcrafted LED nightlights that cast a warm glow in familiar cute shapes. Our mission is “to make any space feel like home” in the way our family feels at home anywhere they are together.

My Business

Our night lights are sustainable, eco-friendly and made from the
best-quality oak wood. We find that oak is a long-lasting material, and our long-lasting LED bulbs generate a warm yellow light that helps with falling asleep.  We come up with each design ourselves and can also take custom orders by direct request. Our lights are safe and child-friendly, made using non-toxic materials and without any hard angles. We are part of our own customer segment and use the lights in our children’s bedrooms! Our lights also make a great accessory for adults looking for a cosy, unique addition to their home.


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