Ameen Al Hashedi


My Story

My name is Ameen, I’m originally from Yemen, and I’m a passionate advocate for specialty coffee. As a refugee who has experienced the challenges of war, I understand the importance of resilience and determination.

I have extensive experience in the food and drinks industry, and my personal journey and experiences have fueled the mission of Hamdan Coffee to showcase the exceptional flavors and cultural heritage of Yemeni coffee. I am committed to promoting Yemeni coffee despite the difficulties in sourcing it, and I want to share its rich history and unique taste with the world.

My Business

We want to put Yemeni coffee on the map, and that means ensuring that the coffee beans we produce are the best of the best. That’s why you’ll only every find rich and exceptional coffee in our shop – coffee that captures the spirit and heritage of Yemen and the Arabica bean.

What we call Yemeni coffee is actually true Arabian Mocha, sourced from the mountains of Yemen and grown just as it once was when it was first exported over 500 years ago. Working with generations of knowledge, family farmers grow coffee on terraces which are watered in summer by mountain mists, before a dry winter takes out the moisture of the ripe coffee fruit. Millstones remove the shriveled fruit husk, revealing the rough coffee beans that are unique to true Arabian Mocha.

Our debt to the country is enormous and we make sure to pay it back through our support for Yemeni farmers, driven by positive and productive supplier-retailer relationships.

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