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Wisam Elhamoui


Wisam Elhamoui


I’m a Syrian designer and entrepreneur and my background is in architecture, humanitarian work and international development. I set up Mosaic Boards in 2019 as part of TERN’s Ice Academy programme, and the project was inspired by my passion for Islamic art and geometric design. I want the boards to create a mindfulness experience that can facilitate presence of mind and exploration of the senses.




Named after Humayun’s Tomb, which was built in 1570 AD in Delhi, India. This 6-pointed star pattern is probably the most common motif in Islamic art and architecture. It can be found on the stunning Friday Mosque in Isfahan, Iran, as well as across Uzbekistan.
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Mindful by design.

Mosaic Boards are mindfulness tools that use carefully designed geometric shapes to form beautiful, intricate patterns inspired by sacred Islamic geometry.

This collection of boards is inspired by some stunning examples of Islamic architecture, including Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi, India, and the Green Mosque in Bursa, Turkey.

Each board tells a story, and each story comes from a different historical era and part of the world.