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Usman Khalid

Usman Khalid


I am originally from Pakistan and first arrived in the UK in 2007, where I fell in love with London and its café culture. I would describe myself as a coffee-lover through and through and my day doesn’t start until I’ve had my first cup! I am now running my business as a social entrepreneur, realising my dream of owning my own coffee business.


Coffee Twin Pack

Two's company, so enjoy our bundle of two different ground coffee blends with a cup of Sumatran in the morning and Honduran in the afternoon!

All our blends are Fair Trade and ethically sourced, and every purchase you make raises awareness for refugee communities across the UK.

Coffee with a conscience.

Since founding Haven Coffee in 2018 I have served hundreds of cups of coffee and built up a following for the stand-up comedy nights I also host, alongside names like Tom Parry and Nish Kumar. I am also a comedian myself, and I think I’m well known in the TERN community for my sense of humour! I am also a passionate advocate for organisations like Music Action International, Counterpoints Arts and Ben & Jerry’s, and I care about bringing attention to the flaws in the UK detention system.