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Tasala Seifi

Tasala Seifi


I’m an Iranian artist, designer and fashion student and I am driven by my powerful curiosity to explore the world of art, reflecting on how this interacts with spirituality to infuse my life with meaning.

Art is where I can retreat and find consolation in moments of terror and uncertainty. In the realm of imagination and inspiration, I find myself acutely aware of the power of thought.

My art is a practice of acceptance: when I sketch I let go of control and give into trust.


Untitled #23

Every t-shirt made by Tasvir is unique, hand-painted with their own one-off design. Their individuality is an essential part of showcasing their mission to make art wearable every day.

Tasvir is, above all, a method of self expression for me along my spiritual journey.

My designs are reflections of my thoughts. My thoughts taking form, becoming actualised in the shape of wearable pieces.

This form lends them colour, pattern, influence – in this form, my thoughts can be worn by others, travel with them to the ends of the earth, impact the realities of their witnesses. Those who seek to wear the art are my collaborators; not spectators, but catalysts. Messengers.

But what is their message? What do these unforeseen configurations mean? The designs themselves have no material meaning, other than their abstract representation of my place on my path, at the precise moment of their inception. Despite their symmetry, they are impossible to repeat – each design is once-in-a-lifetime.

Which one will speak to you?

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