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Razieh Riazati

Razieh Riazati


My name is Razieh and I’m a psychologist, artist, creator and teacher, originally from Iran. I have practiced my core modalities of ceramics, painting and mixed media for over 20 years.


Ceramic Face Spoon

This unique ceramic face spoons is hand crafted in clay, and every design is different!

I do all the processes behind making my products myself, including the design, the preparation of the clay and the firing and glazing. I love to explore new styles, techniques and motifs in my work, which spans fine artwork, homeware and jewellery. Pottery is particularly exciting to me because I am in love with the moment I open the kiln to see how mixing different tints with different pigments and firing can produce new and unanticipated results! I am inspired by ancient pottery and cave paintings, and I hand mix glazes made from copper, iron, magnesium and other natural dyes. Using these ancient techniques and creating durable artworks is my contribution to our shared creative heritage.

I am also a pottery teacher and I run group & 1-1 classes for adults and children.