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Rasha Obaid

Rasha Obaid


I am a contemporary realist artist living in London and native to Hadramout, Yemen. My style pays tribute to my homeland’s traditional carvings and Sufi Islamic art, as well as European 19th century realism. After I became a refugee in the UK, I studied at Studio Incamminati on a scholarship and I am currently studying at City and Guilds Art School. 


Stone Print - Swirl Pattern

This A5 print is the result of a long and careful process - to begin with, Rasha carves her intricate designs into a block of slate stone, before using this to create her series of layered prints.

I have always been fascinated by the dynamics and movement of light and shadow on human bodies and abstract patterns. My interest in telling stories of female experience through art grew out of 10 years I spent working in women’s rights, especially in rural areas and my research and advocacy focuses on eliminating gender-based violence and empowering women.