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Huda Abusaleem

Huda Abusaleem


I’m Huda, and I’m originally from Sudan but have lived in the UK since 2014. I set up Toosha in 2019 with support from TERN – The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network.

Making jewellery has been my hobby since I was a child, and when I was living in Uganda in 2013 I took classes in jewellery design and creation. I kept attending similar classes once I moved to the UK and one day I decided to make my hobby into my business! When I’m not busy developing Toosha, I work part-time at Breaking Barriers supporting refugees looking for employment, and in my spare time I love trying out new jewellery designs and doing fabric painting


Gold Zircon Star Set

This 24k gold filled necklace and earring set is inlaid with a zircon star design, and the chain length is 18 inches

I love making and wearing jewellery, but I never thought I would make my hobby into a business! Toosha is in the early stages of development and I’m excited to see which styles and types of jewellery my customers prefer so I can work on my product range. If you ever have any questions about my products, just send me a product enquiry or message me via Instagram!

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