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Houdah Albouny

Houdah Albouny


I’m a mum of three beautiful daughters and I came to the UK from Syria in 2012. I grew up in a Middle Eastern household and was taught how to cook by my mother at a young age.

Since launching Tala Caterer, I have worked with Ben & Jerry’s, TimePeace and Oliver Wyman to provide catering for their events – my specialities are home made bread and traditional baklava. As part of Anqa’s festive shop in 2020 I launched a new product range – my different flavour baklava boxes! They sold out and since then I’ve been planning a series of delicious new flavours.


9 Piece Baklava Box - Pistachio

Houdah's sticky Syrian baklava is the perfect indulgence, with crisp buttery pastry and a rich filling.

While I love cooking for my family, I also enjoy coming with new recipes and food products for my customers. I started out with a baklava box in one flavour, and have now developed a range of three different boxes – cashew, pistachio and walnut. For my next range I’m planning to launch a collection of date-based sweets.

Tala is also available to cater for small parties or large eventsĀ  – get in touch via my Instagram below!

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