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Diana Mosumari

Diana Mosumari


My name is Diana and I’m originally from Kenya. I grew up around Maasai beads as my father was a Maasai bead merchant who owned curio shops – it was a family business where I’ve worked and helped out since I was a kid.

When I left my country and moved to London I gained a lot of confidence because I was able to live more authentically and freely. I got involved with LGBTQ organisations like Say It Loud Club who were so empowering and supportive. I want other people like me to feel this and to display our multifaceted identities with pride.


Rainbow Glass Bead Bangle

This unique Maasai beaded bangle in rainbow colours is handmade!
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Rebel Rose is a lifestyle brand that aims to bridge the gap between African heritage and modern LGBTQ culture. We sell handmade AfroQueer adornments and accessories.

Our products are carefully made in Tanzania using Maasai beads and the beads and products are sourced and handmade by Maasai women vendors. The Maasai use glass beads to make their jewellery and this is the main material we use in our products. The rainbow colors we use are symbolic and represent the LGBTQ+ community.