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Atefeh Barzigar & Niloo Mousavian

Atefeh & Niloo


We are Atefeh and Niloofar and we are two Iranian artists, printmakers and pattern lovers based in Manchester. We were introduced by a mutual friend in August 2021 and had no idea we would go on to start a business together! We became friends initially and over time we realised how much we have in common – now we are both good friends and business partners.

We are the founders of Two Leaves Studio. Everything we create at Two Leaves is 100% handmade – we even make the stamps we use to print our designs onto fabric. We then use these hand-printed fabrics to dream up and sew together gorgeous bespoke items such as cushions, wall art and bags.


Festive Cards - Pack of 3

Every piece from Two Leaves Studio is lovingly handmade in the UK by founders Atefeh and Nilo, who design and carve their own unique lino cuts to print each design.
2 Leaves

We are inspired by our love of nature and traditional Iranian design. We called our business Two Leaves because we are 2 people with a passion for nature and the organic fabric and water based ink we use are eco-friendly. We put our hearts and souls into our work and it makes us happy when people love what we create!

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