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Arian Soltani

Arian Soltani


I’m originally from Iran and I’ve always been a huge advocate for healthier lifestyle choices.  I’m currently studying medicine & I’m passionate about fitness. This personal passion has now become a business mission!


Hazelnut & Cashew Butter

This delicious, on-the-go keto snack will fuel your brain not your cravings! Our signature hazelnut and cashew butter is flavoured with date molasses and coconut.
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I always used to make my own homemade pre-workout snack by spreading nut butter on toast to eat with fruit, accompanied by a cup of coffee. I found that many nut butters were fairly flavourless, so I began drizzling natural date molasses and adding sprinkles of coconut to boost the overall taste.

One day I accidentally mixed cashew butter with hazelnut butter, date syrup and coconut by accident and it was the most delicious snack I’d ever made! I then decided to share this signature product with other athletes by creating Lil Nuts.

It’s challenging for athletes and those following a specific diet (such as keto or vegan) to find the perfect snack to refuel and reach optimal health when working out. Some keto snack brands aren’t as healthy as they seem, as they can contain many artificial ingredients. Lil Nuts aims to change this!

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